Blog moved

So! My previous blog (at disappeared.  It has taken this long for me to get things back up and running.  The previous blog was on a private server run by an external party and it was compromised by one of those sneaky internet maladies that infect sites like these.

I’m in the process of salvaging all the posts from there and get them running here.  This is a somewhat painstaking process.  I was provided with some files in a folder and I have had to re-learn unix (Its been 10 years since I used that regularly), learn about Apache, WordPress, mysql, multi-site installs and all kinds of things.  10 years ago, they didn’t have sudo.  I’m not sure that I like it.

Anyway, I hope to finish this soon and start blogging again about my adventures in Python. PyCon 2013 is coming up and I have, as always, some ideas to put forward and Swiss army knives to grind.


2 thoughts on “Blog moved

  1. And it is done!
    After resurrecting my blog on a virtual machine at the office, I realized that it needed to be accessible in the Interzone so that could migrate its images and other content.
    So, I zipped it up, transfered it to my phone, and fired it up at home again, on my home workstation which is accessible via NAT traversal at

    So, now it is back to doing interesting stuff!

    • And: It turned out that wordpress didn’t actually copy the images in the old blog and stored it locally. So, I must now resurrect the blog again, and find a way to have those files moved.

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